The complexities of running a successful large-scale farm have never been greater than they are today.

In addition to growing great crops, success also depends on the farmer having expertise in accounting, technology, farm data management, grain marketing, human resources - not to mention the pressure of running a thriving business.


Now you don't have to.  The PowerFARM program is a geographically diverse group of savvy farm managers whose operations generate revenue over $1 million.

These closed and confidential peer groups offer an opportunity for farmers running large, thriving operations to gather regularly to discuss the business of farming.  Group members share ides and strategies to help simplify the complexities of farm management today, while supporting one another as fellow ag entrepreneurs.  Groups include a wide range of geographically dispersed farms to ensure members are not competitive neighbors.

The PowerFARM Program

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Power FARM

Saik Management Group Inc is pleased to offer an exclusive PowerFARM Program.

A peer group supporting today's most successful farmers.

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Members are carefully selected and must all agree to share financials and business strategies with other members of the group, under the protection of a strict confidentiality policy that governs these exclusive groups.  This unique dynamic gives like-minded farmers the freedom to share their successes and learn from each other's mistakes, while gaining the mutual benefit of improving their farm's bottom line.

As part of this program, each member will have the opportunity to engage experts from Scotia McLeod and Ernst & Young who will lead you through an in-depth Farm Business Assessment Process examining your structure in order to mitigate business risk.

Annual membership in the PowerFARM program includes regular group meetings and a two-day farm tour held at a member's farm every summer.

These groups are facilitated by Robert Saik, CEO of SMGI and founder of Agri-Trend, who has been a member of Strategic Coach for over 24 years and is an inspiring leader in agriculture who also was named Canada's Agri-Marketer of the Year in 2014.