Convergence on The Farm & The Future of Food

Robert Saik takes us on a journey of agricultural advancement that sees us at the dawn of Agriculture 5.0; a convergence of technologies that will re-shape the future of food production.  Agriculture 5.0 is about breaking down silos and interdisciplinary barriers to formulate a new type of agriculture that holds the promise of long-term sustainable food for all.  The "convergence" is about how many technologies are coming together to impact the farm in amazing ways at a speed never experienced before in our sector.

This fast-paced, energetic presentation will delight and amaze; welcome to Agriculture 5.0.

Managing Your Organization Through Turbulent Times

Business, like sailing is constantly buffeted by "The Winds of Change".  The degree to which you can manage change really comes down to how well you read the wind, how well you have set your sails and how well you have trained your crew.
Your industry has been buffeted by technology, disintermediation and new competition.  How will you manage in these new turbulent waters?  Do you know where you are headed?  Is your course plotted?  Do you know  how to use the tools to ensure you arrive at your destination?
Drawing on his entrepreneurial and sailing experience as well as his over 22 years of enrollment in Strategic Coach (a coaching program for enterpreneurs).  Rob will talk about ideas and tools you use to adjust your sails as you encounter obstacles and trials. 
During this session Rob will be introducing some tools for managing change and there will be some time for individual and group exercises.  The goal would be for you to walk away with some practical insights as to how you can better manage your individual and business life.  As a business leader, Rob will guarantee you will walk away with some actionable strategies while empowering and providing confidence to your team.






10 Key Drivers that will Shape Agriculture in the Next Decade

Agriculture is no longer Murray McGlaughlan’s “dusty old farmer bent over the tractor wheel” but a full-fledged modern business integrating all the tools available to it.
We will look at how Science and Technology are being integrated with modern agricultural practices to provide society with a safe, reliable food supply in an environmentally sustainable manner AND we will look at some of the threats that could potentially erode our ability to feed the people on the planet.
There are major technology currents pulling on all of humanity.  We can choose to fight the current or be aware of their strength and swim in the same direction…and be ahead of the competition.
Rob will take you on a quick journey showing how farmers are integrating technology  to feed a growing world population.  He will touch on exponentially, robotics, artificial intelligence, sensor integration, bio synthesis (GE and GMO), data systems and environment sustainability.
Finally, we will look at HOW we could integrate all these technologies to best serve our farmer customers through new business opportunities offered by our dealerships.
And lastly, you will walk away with a sense that, in spite of what the media reports, things are actually pretty good and getting better all the time.

Will Agriculture be ALLOWED to Feed 9 Billion People?

As a professional agrologist who works with all types of farming operations, I am in a unique position to observe what is going on both in agriculture and society at large.  I travel a lot, so I see things especially in urban markets…I am a techie, so I am in-touch with trends and I am connected to agriculture directly, providing me with a unique perspective on what constitutes the perception vs the reality of modern agriculture.
Since the dawn of agriculture, man has been genetically modifying plants and animals to better provide food.  This technological evolution continues today in the form of Bio-Engineering.
There is a “disconnect” with what is going on at the farm; how technology is being used and what people “think” is going on at the farm.  It’s time to change the conversation from NO GMO to KNOW GMO.  It’s time to stop shouting and start listening.  And it’s time we had an uplifting discussion about food.
Rob's TedX Talk which was titled "Will Agriculture be ALLOWED to feed 9 Billion People?" would go hand in hand with his "KNOW GMO" presentation.