COVID 19 creates an opportunity for the public and private sectors to work together in new ways to address global food security.

Sustainability is a moving target and is achieved by us learning, un-learning and re-learning what works and does not work on the farm.  


The Inaugural Rob Saik AgTech Awards (Jan 18, 2022)

Professional Agrologist / Certified Agricultural Consultant

There are few professionals that can combine their passion of agriculture with deep business experience and talk about them in a humorous, energetic and impactful way...Rob Saik is one of those guys.

An author, keynote, entrepreneur and thought leader, Rob has been tapped by the likes of the Minister of Agriculture for Nigeria and most recently the FAO_UN Committee for World Food Security.

Beginning his career on a mixed farm in Alberta, Rob has gone on to found and invest in many companies in the agricultural sector ranging from farming in Uganda, cattle, ag retail, fertilizer manufacturing, distribution, marketing, consulting, data, ag tech, robotics and now serves as CEO of AGvisorPRO,  a connectivity and resource platform for agriculture.

​Through his holding company, Saik Management Group Inc, Robert facilitates the PowerFARM peer group and provides leadership to several advisor and company boards.  He was recognized as the 2006 Agrologist of the Year and the 2014 Canadian Agri-Marketer of the Year.

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International Ag Industry Thought Leader

Rob Saik is “an educator, entrepreneur, innovator, visionary, consultant, advisor…” and more.
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Mentors in Canadian Agriculture

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“The day was all about new ways to leverage technology to lift some of the poorest farmers on the planet to a new level of prosperity,”


How to Leverage Ag Technology to Drive Global Prosperity

The founder of AGRI-TREND, Robert Saik, was one of 15 people from around the world invited to Seattle in early May of this year to discuss technology with Bill Gates.
Saik was tapped by Gates to share his views on how modern farming technology can be leveraged to feed a growing population in an environmentally sustainable way. With Gates and his advisors, Saik shared case studies and success stories from his experience working with farmers from Canada to Uganda.


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  • The Agriculture Manifesto
  • The Winds of Change
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Robert Saik's Address to the FAO_UN Committee for World Food Security

at the High Level Special Event (Rome- Oct 15,2020)

Education in Agriculture

Key Drivers Shaping Agriculture​ and farming.

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A huge thank you to Robert Saik who recently donated $100,000 to Olds College to create an endowment fund for the Robert Saik AgTech Awards - two $2,500 scholarships per year supporting students from urban areas enrolled in the Agriculture Technology programs at Olds College.

The inaugural Rob Saik AgTech Awards will be distributed in January 2023.


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Founder & CEO

Canadian Agri-Marketer of the Year

Distinguished Agrologist

2021 CWA Top 10 Mentors in Canadian Agriculture